For really effective Power BI training just join the D O T S

New Power BI Dual Online Training Solution (D.O.T.S.)

New for 2022, G Com Solutions are now offering customers the opportunity to purchase both instructor-led and self-paced training as a complementary package.

Our Dual Online Training Solution (D.O.T.S.) provides your staff with two modes of training: live instructor-led training is followed with one-year’s access to the self-paced version of the same course.

The material covered in the live training will be very similar to that covered in the self-paced video training. So, the self-paced training provides a very effective form of post-training reinforcement.

The PDF courseware covers both the live, tutor-led sessions taken by each delegate and the self-paced training undertaken as a follow-up.

Our courseware ties the two forms of training together and helps to keep topics fresh in delegates’ minds.

The D.O.T.S. option will be available on all of the scheduled courses that we run.

Power BI 1-Week Intensive Course for Power Users

Power BI Introduction
Power BI Intermediate
Power BI Advanced

Power BI DAX 3-Day Intensive Course

Power BI DAX Introduction
Power BI DAX Intermediate
Power BI DAX Advanced

Power Query and M 3-Day Intensive Course

Power Query and M Introduction
Power Query and M Intermediate
Power Query and M Advanced

For really effective Power BI training just join the D O T S