Word for Mac Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

This course is designed for Mac users who are beginners in Microsoft Word and covers: word basics; editing text; formatting text; working with paragraphs; working with pages; and printing a document.

Word Basics

Starting Word, The Word Environment, Opening An Existing Document, Entering Text Into A Document, Correcting Mistakes, Navigating A Document, Creating A New Document, Saving A Document, Moving Between Documents, Setting Word Options, Changing Document Views, Hiding The Ribbon, Using HelpOn Your Own

Editing Text

Selecting Text, Copying And Pasting Text, Cutting And Pasting Text, Using Drag-And-Drop, Using The Office Clipboard, Finding Text Using The Navigation Pane, Using Find And Replace To Use Find And Replace, Checking Spelling And Grammar, Use The Thesaurus, Inserting Symbols

Formatting Text

Using Formatting Tools, Using The Font Dialog Box, Using Format Painter, Using Character Effects, Using Text Effects, Adding A Drop Cap

Working With Paragraphs

Adding Borders To A Paragraph, Adding Shading To A Paragraph, Aligning Text, Adjusting Line Spacing, Adjusting Spacing Between Paragraphs, Indenting Paragraphs, Setting Tabs With The Ruler, Changing Tabs, Setting Tabs Using The Tabs Dialog Box, Creating A Bulleted List, Creating A Numbered List, Creating A Hanging Indent

Working With Pages

Creating A Header And Footer, Modifying A Header And Footer, Setting Margins, Setting Page Orientation, Setting Paper Size, Inserting/Modifying Page Numbers, Inserting And Removing Page Breaks, Inserting A Watermark

Printing A Document

Previewing A Document, Setting Printer Options, Printing An Envelope, Printing Labels