Microsoft Publisher (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

Microsoft Publisher on-site training (£595, plus VAT, per day, for up to 10 users)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: publisher basics; working with pages; working with text frames; editing & formatting text; working with paragraphs 1; working with images & objects; and working with tables.

Publisher Basics

Understanding Publisher, Starting Publisher, Creating A New Publication, The Publisher Environment, Saving & Closing A New Publication, Opening An Existing Publication, Hiding The Ribbon, Setting Publisher Options, Using Help, Working With Business Information SetsOn Your Own

Working With Pages

Navigating Pages, Changing Page Zoom, Adding Margin Guides, Adding Grid Guides, Adding Ruler Guides, Snapping Objects To Guides & Grids, Adding And Deleting Pages, Modifying Page Setup, Inserting & Modifying Page Numbers, Previewing A Publication, Printing A Publication

Working With Text Frames

Creating A Text Frame, Entering Text Into A Frame, Moving And Resizing Frames, Formatting A Frame, Adding Borders To A Frame, Adding 3-D And Shadow Effects, Importing Text Into A Frame, Connecting Frames, Adding Continuation Notices

Editing & Formatting Text

Selecting Text, Rearranging Text, Changing The Font & Font Size, Changing Text Color, Using The Font Dialog Box, Using Undo And Redo, Using Format Painter, Finding And Replacing Text, Checking Spelling, Adding A Drop Cap

Working With Paragraphs 1

Aligning Text In Paragraphs, Adjusting Line Spacing, Adjusting Spacing Between Paragraphs, Indenting Paragraphs, Setting Tab Stops With The Ruler, Changing Tab Stops, Setting Tabs From The Paragraph Dialog Box, Creating A Hanging Indent, Creating A Bulleted List, Creating A Numbered List

Working With Images & Objects

Inserting An Image, Resizing Images, Cropping Images, Adding A Border Around An Image, Adjusting Brightness & Contrast, Applying Picture Quick Styles To Images, Wrapping Text Around Images, Inserting Clip Art, Adding Shapes, Inserting And Modifying Wordart, Grouping Objects, Layering Objects, Rotating Objects, Aligning Objects, Using Building Blocks

Working With Tables

Creating A Table, Formatting A Table, Entering Text Into A Table, Inserting Rows And Columns, Formatting Rows And Columns, Deleting Rows And Columns, Adjusting Column Width & Row Height, Merging And Splitting Cells, Modifying Table Borders, Changing Text Orientation And Alignment