Microsoft Project Advanced (1 day – £695, plus VAT)

This course is suitable only for those with considerable prior experience and covers: ; updating & tracking projects; working with data from other applications; working with reports; managing multiple projects; and formatting a project file.

Updating & Tracking Projects

Updating Task Progress, Updating Work Performed, Manually Updating Costs, Rescheduling Uncompleted Tasks, Filtering Tasks, Displaying Variances, Viewing Progress LinesOn Your Own

Working With Data From Other Applications

Copying And Pasting To Other Applications, Importing A Task List, Creating An Import Map, Exporting Project Data, Using The Copy Picture Command

Working With Reports

Printing A View As A Report, Viewing Standard Reports, Customizing A Report, Modifying Report Formatting, Modifying A Header And A Footer, Inserting A Graphic Into A Report, Adjusting Report Margins, Printing A Report, Creating Visual Reports, Work With Visual Report Templates

Managing Multiple Projects

Creating A Resource Pool, Linking Projects To A Resource Pool, Updating Resource Pool Information, Consolidating Projects, Linking Tasks Between Projects, Sharing Elements Between Projects, Managing Multiple Projects Lesson 4

Formatting A Project File

Formatting Bar Styles, Changing Bar Styles, Formatting Timescales, Creating Custom Fields, Creating Custom Tables, Creating Custom Views, Creating Custom Groups, Using Drawing Tools, Creating A Macro, Running A Macro