Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

Our Introduction to PowerPoint course is designed for Mac users with little or no prior knowledge of the program and shows how to create and preview basic but professional presentations which have a consistent look and feel throughout.


PowerPoint Overview, What PowerPoint Can Do, Using the Ribbon Tabs, Using Mini Toolbars, Using Task Panes, PowerPoint File Formats, PowerPoint Views, Creating a Basic Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations

Creating a Presentation, Saving a Presentation, Opening a Presentation, Deleting a Presentation, Renaming a Presentation, Working with Text

PowerPoint’s Text Capabilities

Adding Text, Formatting Text, Using Bullets, Using Numbered Lists, Checking Spelling, Using Proofing Tools, Looking Up Synonyms with the Thesaurus, Working with Text Boxes, Using WordArt, Working with Tables


Adding a Table, Formatting a Table, Drawing a Table, Inserting an Excel Table, Organizing Presentations

Exploring PowerPoint’s Outlining Features

Organizing Presentations, Using the Outline Tab, Using the Outlining Options, Working with Outlines Created in Other Programs, Working with Themes, Color Schemes, and Backgrounds


Applying a Background, Formatting Slides and Presentations

Exploring PowerPoint Formatting Options

Adding Slides, Deleting Slides, Rearranging Slides, Using the Slide Sorter View, Copying and Moving Slides from One Presentation to Another, Using Automatic Formatting, Presenting a Slide Show

Slide Shows

Setting Up a Show, Rehearsing Timings, Recording a Voice Narration, Working with Custom Shows, Reusing Slides in Other Presentations, Viewing Your Show, Packaging Presentations onto a CD, Using the PowerPoint Viewer, Creating and Printing Presentation Materials

Exploring Presentation Output Options

Creating Notes and Handouts, Preparing to Print Your Presentation, Printing PowerPoint Presentations