Microsoft Excel Power Query (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: getting started with power query; query basics; combining data; transforming data columns; transforming rows of data; handling power query output; and introduction to power query formulas.

Getting Started With Power Query

What Is Power Query?, Installing And Activating Power Query, Overview Of Data Sources, Overview Of Power Query Workflows

Query Basics

Creating A Query, Understanding Power Query Steps, Automatically Generated Steps, Renaming A Query, Renaming Columns, Changing Data Types, The Close & Load Command, The Close & Load To Command, Using The Workbook Queries Pane, Creating A Query From An Excel Table, Creating A Query From A Named RangeImporting Native Excel Data, Importing From Relational Databases, Importing From .Csv And .Txt Files, Importing Tabular Data From A Web Page, Importing From Xml Sources

Combining Data

Appending Queries, Rationalising Column Names, Performing Merge Operations, Performing Expand Operations

Transforming Data Columns

Transforming Column Data Types, Removing Columns, Shifting Columns Around, Merging Columns, Splitting Columns, Creating Custom Columns

Transforming Rows Of Data

Sorting Rows Of Data, Filtering Rows Of Data, Using Text, Date And Number Filters, Filtering Out Duplicate Rows, Filtering Out Rows With Errors, Transposing Data, Unpivoting Data, Grouping Data

Handling Power Query Output

Loading Queries To An Excel Table, Working With Connection-Only Queries, Loading To The Data Model, Default Query Load Settings

Introduction To Power Query Formulas

Using The Formula Bar, Using The Advanced Editor, Overview Of The M Language